Lango, Busoga Diocese Mourn Rev. Dr. Patience Deborah Kisakye

The Anglican Diocese of Lango and that of Busoga are in a sorrow mood after the death of one of their strong female pillars.
Rev. Dr. Patience Deborah Kisakye, who has been a key leader in the US-based United Methodist Church but had strong links with the two Dioceses passed on a few days ago in the US but her body was returned for burial in Jinja.
According to Busoga Diocese’s Bishop Naimanhe, Deborah had been a ‘connector’.

“Dr. Patience has been connecting us to the world. We have therefore, lost a connector as Busoga and Lango because she started this relationship. We need to continue pressing the nobs to further the relationship between Lango and Busoga Diocese just like she started it” Bishop Naimanhe told mourners during the Requiem mass at Jinja Cathedral.

The day’s preacher, also Lango Diocese Bishop Prof. Alfred Olwaa echoed Naimanhe’s words, describing the late as Lango’s missionary in New York.
“For us in Lango, she was our missionary in New York. She was a loving and caring lady with a striking smile” he said.
Basing his sermon on the book of 2 Corrithians, Bp Olwaa reminded people not to pay much attention to earthly things which he said have got their own challenges.

“Earthly things tend to make us forget that we have another home in heaven. This home can’t be built by a human hand. Our engineers have come up with beautiful designs for homes and we tend to be taken up by those beautiful houses. But that home built by human hands has its own problems like maintenance etc” he counseled.

He challenged people to always seek knowledge and spiritual knowledge, adding that as believers, when they die, they already secured their home.
“Patience knew she was a believer and was going to the home to be with the Lord. I am sure she’s now there with the saints and all the Christians who left before her. Her Christian friends are now with her and have renewed their friendship. She’s absent from her body and she’s with the Lord. This should encourage us so that we live for a purpose. A Christian lives with a direction. You don’t live life fwaaa(anyhow). That’s wrong. Life is for a purpose. Patience lived for a purpose” he said. The Bishop also encouraged fellow clergymen especially in Anglican church to reduce on the time they preach. He said talking for too long bores congregants and therefore pick nothing. He said an effective preacher must take at most 30minutes to have an impact. He said even at burials, in Lango he has decreed that such a ceremony shouldn’t exceed 3hrs.

Meanwhile, Uganda’s ambassador to Ethiopia also Permanent Representative to the African Union and IGAD, Rebecca Amuge Otengo challenged the church to step up efforts to keep Ugandans who live our borders in line.

“We have a lot to do as the church. For is who are in foreign affairs, we feel that; if there’s anything the church can do, it is about the spiritual life of Ugandans who leave our borders like Patience did. The church plays a critical role in the development of the country” she said.
The late Deborah was eulogized for being passionate about the Gospel, caring and good communicator. She died of cancer.



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