Gen. Museveni Poses Cabinet Reshuffle Until Iron Sheets Ministers Are Arrested As,


On Friday intense questioning of ministers who stole iron sheets meant for underprivileged people of Karamoja started with ministers pleading with investigators not to expose their faces!
In the meantime, the appointing authority Gen. Yoweri Museveni has been advised to make the changes soonest after ministers who will be found culpable for stealing iron sheets will appear in court.

We can authoritatively report that Museveni has chosen this path after intelligence informed him that announcing a new cabinet before the alignment of these thieving ministers in courts of law, would cost him a lot of political capital among voters where the ministers to be arrested hail from.

“It has been decided that he waits until the ministers are taken to court. The idea is for him to avoid being blamed by voters of those ministers that he dropped their people basing on rumors. Since the law doesn’t allow a minister facing criminal charges to be in office, their offices will automatically fall the moment they appear in court. The blame will not be for Museveni but for the ministers involved” our Inspectors said adding that Museveni will then fill those vacant posts easily.

“After filling those posts, the president through his office at Kyambogo is going to deploy his Bazzukulu to go to those constituencies and explain to the people that their ministers betrayed him. They acted subvertly against the NRM, the reason they should be avoided even in the coming elections” explained a top inspector.

Already, Museveni through ONC head and chief Muzzukulu Hajat Uzeiye Namyalo Hadijah recently deployed over 100 Regional Coordinators and Bazzukulu to go to the ground to market him, spy on corrupt officials and also file reports directly to him.

We understood that the ministers named in the theft of iron sheets on Friday spent good time at CID headquarters being questioned again. The task was performed under strict rules where four roadblocks leading to CID headquarters were mounted to prevent even a bird from accessing the area code where the troubled ministers made statements. We’re told on the request of these alleged thugs, CID bosses didn’t allow anyone with a camera or even phones as the ministers made their statements.

“It was a serious situation. There were eight tables put in place for the ministers to be questioned” says an Inspector. We’re told, the DPP returned the ministers’ files for them to make fresh statements after realizing that there were gaps in their previous statements.

“Some ministers cliamed they never got Karamoja Iron sheets but got from other special region budgets. However, looking at the budgets, there’s nothing like such budgets they claim to have been given. This attracted questions and DPP ordered for further inquiry” says an Inspector.
The CID bosses led by Museveni’s blue-eyed boy Maj. Tom Magambo are also said to be warming up to pick statements from three other top ministers who requested to make their statements from their homes.

“They feared the environment at their offices. Their offices are full of CCTV cameras and spies all-over. The moment the CID boys go to their offices, some of their staffs will leak those pictures to you (Inspectors). So, they requested to be quizzed from their homes whose environment they control” an inspector explained adding that the ministers will record theirs next week possibly tomorrow Monday after cabinet.

We’re told the courage with which the investigators are pursuing these ministers arises from a recent incident in cabinet. Apparently, Museveni after giving a lecture to his cabinet basing on the bible, he told his ministers that he had invited some special guests to cabinet. The president had kept his special guests somewhere in state house and the moment he told the ministers about it, they all thought he had brought Jesus Christ!

“I have special guests I want to introduce to you honorable ministers” Museveni told the ministers who all waited with a lot of anxiety. Unfortunately, the special guests turned out to be the CID boss, a team from IGG, CMI and the heads of State House Anti-Graft Unit.
“Do you see all these ministers?” Museveni asked his officers (special guests) to which they responded ‘Yes Sir’

“If there’s anyone of them who touched the iron sheets, whether he heard about it, touched them, took them, I want all of them charged. You can’t steal from the poor. Of all people, a minister to steal from a Karamojong? This is unfair. I brought you hear to tell you that no one should intimidate you, or claim that I have spoken to the president. Whether he is a member of my family, if he or she’s involved, arrest them” a furious Museveni is quoted as having told the investigators infront of his ministers.

We’re told this is the reason the ministers are fully complying and Museveni has chosen to even stop meeting most of them.
Meanwhile, as the iron sheets saga rages on, the same ministers are now under pressure to account for their two years’ stay in their cabinet positions. Appointed in 2021, Inspectors said already, ministers are under instructions to travel to Moroto and meet Gen. Salim Saleh who has now camped there. They are supposed to go there not for tour but to give detail by detail on their budgetary performance since they were appointed. We understood that the first batch of ministers to have been summoned were those of ministry for agriculture, animal industry and fisheries. The ministers here include Frank Tumwebaze, Bwiino Kyakulaga, Helen Adoa and Bright Rwamirama together with their PS Maj. Gen. David Kasura.
Inspectors suggested that this sector is currently among those with many challenges with the political heads even spending months without stepping in their offices. The most irregular according to Inspectors is Adoa while the most regular is Rwamirama.
The political heads however, claim that their work has been undermined by the PS as he allegedly doesn’t facilitate them.

This has since forced sector minister Tumwebaze to write a stinging letter to Kasura asking him to make a written explanation why he even snubs his meetings.
“I have been calling you several times to come for meetings to give a brief on the budget performance but you didn’t heed. Now, I want an explanation in writing” says an Inspector in cabinet who got the Tumwebaze letter. This letter was copied to all ministers in the sector.

And yet, Kasura according to our Inspectors, also seems to be nursing a broken heart. In one of his recent interactions with some officers, he allegedly poured his heart out saying he had been ‘let down’

“I have realized that I will not achieve my mission here, the only option is for me to consider the other hard-to-make option” an inspector quoted him as confiding in his pals.
We’re told it is out of this state of quagmire at the ministry that Gen. Saleh chose to begin with MAAIF to assess both the political and technical teams on their performance before cabinet is realigned. The ministers and their team traveled to Moroto on Friday and spent there two days.
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