Gen. Museveni Honors VP Alupo’s Dad With A Diamond Medal

Gen. Museveni with the family of the late George William Epel


President Yoweri Museveni has decorated the father to the Vice President Maj. Jessica Alupo with a Diamond Medal in recognition of his exceptional service to the nation.

George William Epel who was a teacher by profession, was brutally killed by Joseph Kony’s LRA rebels as he was taking examinations for Primary Leaving Pupils in Katakwi. 

The late met his death in an ambush laid by the rebels when they entered Teso sub-region. 

The rebel’s incursion into Teso forced the locals to form an auxiliary force-Arrow Boys to help the UPDF flash out the rebels whose actions had left many dead and displaced not only in Teso but also in Lango and Acholi sub-regions.

Vice President Alupo alongside her siblings including Rev. FR. Paul Imalingat, Annet Akiror, Rita Apio and their cousin Immaculate Akiror received the medal on behalf of their beloved late dad.

The Diamond medal Gen. Museveni gave to George William Epel (RIP)

The late Epel was among the line of celebrated Ugandans awarded with medals at the 61st Independence Day celebrations in Kitgum district.

Like Mr. Epel (RIP), the medals were given to people in recognition of their outstanding services and loyalty to this country

Epel’s medal was received post-humously by his children led by Vice President Jessica Alupo, who doubles as the Woman Member of Parliament for Katakwi district.

He was awarded the “Diamond Jubilee” medal for his outstanding and valuable contribution to the education sector across the country.  This medal is awarded to civilians.

According to his citation, Epel exhibited quality, organisation, and presentation. He  demonstrated the above by combining; consitent high standards of teaching, assessment, and feedback, dedication to the provision of world-class education and oh yes; Preparation of excellent teaching materials to support student learning.

Akiror, Imalingat, Gen. Museveni, VP Alupo and Apio in a photo upon receiving the medal

In addition, the late Epel was a team player who shared best practices in teaching with colleagues. 

“He was high in effective communication of ideas and concepts hence creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment for learners” the late was honored.

According to the Commander in Chief, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, Epel  died in “our struggle, as he was blown up by a land mine during the LRA insurgency”.

It should be recalled that Museveni pledged to construct a technical school in honor of the late Epel in Katakwi. This was during his visit to the family in Aketa village a few years back.

VP Alupo shares a word with Gen. Museveni as her siblings look on

Meanwhile, Museveni reiterated that Uganda will not accept any aid that has got conditions. In what seemed to be a direct attack on the West over their push against the recently enacted Anti-Gay Act, Museveni said Uganda is a sovereign country that will not accept aid which compromises the country’s moral being.

He also warned against environmental degradation. He said he would soon issue directives on management of wetlands and other protected areas to ensure that the environment is not compromised.

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