Gen. Museveni Conglatulates Teso’s Emormori Upon His 1st Anniversary, Asks Him To Promote Unity, Shun Political Opportunists

Alupo smiling from ear to ear as she introduces her hubby Abaine to the Iteso king

President Museveni has asked the leadership of the Teso kingdom to guard against divisions among its people.

The president says the kingdom should continue sowing the seeds of love, unity, discipline, sacrifice, hard work, integrity, and patriotism among the people. He noted that ethnic tensions cause the spirit of division which ruins development.

“Avoid cheap politicking and propaganda from non-patriotic and selfish elements in our nation. Let us work hard and take advantage of developmental government programs” he counseled.

The president made the remarks through his 2iC Maj. Jessica Alupo who represented him at the celebrations to mark the 1st anniversary of His Royal Highness Paul Sande Etomeileng Emolot the 

Emormor of Teso.

The president encouraged the Teso cultural leaders to work hand in hand with other kingdoms so that they may copy a leaf from what they have done so as to bring about positive changes among its people.

2iC Alupo shares a light moment with Emormor

He said when the NRM restored cultural institutions; it believed that those institutions would work harmoniously with government once handled well by the leaders and the subjects.

“Teso Kingdom is therefore, encouraged to work towards making 

various contributions in the provision of socio-economic infrastructure services such as health, education, works of charity,  poverty alleviation and income generating projects, relief services and peace building initiative efforts” he advised adding that the aforementioned have gone a long way to improve the living standards of people in other kingdoms.

The head of state described cultural institutions as a formidable force in the development process of Uganda and Africa in general, adding that the government will continue supporting their development initiatives.

He said by supporting them, government is directly synergizing the development of the nation in general; hence, guaranteeing the future of the next generation.

2iC Alupo launching the Iteso cultural palace construction plan


The General from Rwatitura said that the government has put in place programs such as Emyooga, OWC, PDM aimed at helping the population begin income generating projects that will help improve family incomes.

He asked families to utilize the available land to initiate commercial farming projects. 

“I launched the Parish Development Model to integrate 3.5 million households that are currently in the subsistence economy into the money economy and to create wealth and jobs. The Model is an extension of Government’s approach to development as prioritized under the Third National Development Plan (NDP III)” he said and urged the Teso Kingdom leadership to support government by highlighting the fight against all forms of corruption to their subjects.

The president said Traditional institutions ought to play a very crucial role in enhancing unity among our people in view of building them. 

NRM SG Todwong, ministers Asamo, Ondoa and Ongalo Obote welcoming the 2iC Maj. Jessica Alupo

Museveni was all smiles with the Teso leadership for its efforts aimed at preserving and promoting Itesot Culture and cultural values.

“You have the full support of the government to organize and advance your cultural values as long as they do not abuse peoples’ rights and freedoms. I once again congratulate His Royal Highness the Emormor III and the Teso Kingdom upon celebrating the first anniversary of the installation of the Kingdom and I wish you happy celebrations” he said.


With the celebrations centered on Food Security, Museveni hailed the 

Organizers of this anniversary for coming up with such an excellent theme which he said concerns everybody.

He however, noted that whereas all living creatures survive on food, this has become a concern due to climatic change globally since it threatens human existence. 

He cited the continued experience of several periods of droughts and floods in society and yet there is continued increase in levels of greenhouse gas emissions both in developed and developing countries over the years. Museveni said these cause global warming and climate change by trapping heat as well as contributing to respiratory diseases from air pollution and many other attendant health issues.

“All these are engineered by man and can be reversed by human activity. It is a question of collective responsibility to protect the people, the environment and the planet” he noted.

General Museveni observed the need to resort to offering sustainable solutions which ensure that even as we cultivate more, we do not endanger ourselves at the expense of making money.

“We must ensure that we do not contaminate our soils and food with chemicals. Also we need not only food but also improved nutrition. Hunger is the extreme manifestation of poverty and human deprivation; an infringement on the most basic of human rights, “the right to adequate food” he advised.

2iC Alupo delivering the speech of CiC Gen. Museveni to the Itesots

The president however, said that Uganda and Africa at large have no excuse not to produce enough for her people given the good soils and abundant rainfall.

“We can ably make it, provided we take advantage of the immense agricultural knowledge at hand. Let us seek knowledge and understanding in the things that benefit our livelihood in as far as food security is concerned” General Museveni advised.

At the same function, a visibly hot Alupo introduced her ‘speaking blanket’ Peter Abeine to the Iteso king who responded with a sharp being written all-over his face. The function was attended by ministers and NRM SG Todwong among others.

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