FINALLY! Gen. Saleh to make first public show since death rumors

NRM bush war hero and amiable historical, Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho aka Salim Saleh will break the hearts of his witches and naysayers by making his first public appearance today.

Highly placed sources told The Inspector that the good general is slated to attend the giveaway ceremony of his daughter at one of his homes in Buziga, Makindye division Kampala city.

The private function will be the first public event which Gen. Saleh will attend since rumors and speculations about his ‘death’ went viral.

It is worth noting that Gen. Saleh has been a subject of speculation in terms of his health, with his absences always eliciting sickness or death rumors. The latest speculation however, went rife when Gen. Saleh became very loudly and conspicuously absent at the burial and entire funeral period of recently fallen fellow bush war general, Elly Tumwine.

Very quickly, some of the sadists and witches who ‘danced’ on Gen. Tumwine’s grave went gaga with a sick countdown which speculated that Saleh had become the second general to fall.

Actually, in a twist which shows the gravest danger of fake social media news, some of the psychopaths alleged that Saleh’s body was being kept in a secret location in anticipation that the king of Buganda was also ailing and therefore there was a plan to wait for him to die and the two deaths are announced together. That this was being done to deprive the sadists of the chance to jubilate over Saleh’s death! (what a sick joke!).


Kirunda Comes Out

Government was initially silent on the rumors but last Friday (yesterday) Deputy Presidential Deputy press secretary Faruk Kirunda came out to ‘break the hearts of the witches and sorcerers’.

In a tweet on his twitter handle, Kirunda dispelled the rumors of Saleh’s death or even ill-health, terming the reports as FAKE! In what he termed as a public alert, Kirunda made it clear that Gen. Saleh is not sick as some people have been claiming but is rather healthy and doing his work of transforming Ugandans and chasing poverty out of the country through commercial agriculture and manufacturing, in his capacity as the OWC Chief Coordinator.

“PUBLIC ALERT: This is a fake Twitter account. The President has not issued such a tweet, and Gen. Saleh is alive and well on his OWC assignments. Kindly ignore!” wrote Kirunda.

Now with saleh slated to attend his daughter’s function, the sorcerers can go to hell!

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