Bugweri District Registers Low School Turn Up As New Term Begins

By Emma Lwasi

Authorities in Bugweri district have noted a low turn up of learners as the new school term began on Monday.

According to the district’s Inspector of Schools Kutolawo Betty Grace, the poor turn up is attributed to lack of schools fees and related scholastic materials by children.

Kutolawo furthur noted that, low turn up might be related to poverty among parents or neglence on the side of parents claiming on the first day, there are usually no serious lessons.

She says such assumptions are fake because teachers and other pupils are always in class and carry on with class work.

Kutolawo cited some rural schools including Waranga Primary school,  Bunyantole Primary school, Makuutu Primary school among others which she visited and found  the number of children less than 25 who has reported back in each of those schools. 

She asked parents to take back children to school in addition to asking head teachers to be humble to the parents. 



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